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 Hello Folks.

         We are shooting on Tuesday evenings 7-8ish @ steel targets.    You can shoot 22 9mm 45's and 22 rifle.  come on out and have some fun.   

    You can send dues in via e-transfer to  Memebership dues are $80.00 per year.  This email is also where you send in your application.    If you send in via e-transfer please leave a comment ie:  your name, a phone number,  and if you have an r-pal.   If you want to pay in person you can contact Yvonne @ 466-2068.  

THE APPLICATION FORM FOR MEMBERSHIPS IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  New members are sent in to DPS once a month and orientations are done the first Saturday of the month.  All new members must have an orientation on the range before they are officially members.  Please contact Tony Phillips to schedule an orientation 1-506-466-2068. 

If you have any questions please call Yvonne @ 466-2068.  




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Emily Dean Goes To ISSF World Cup Match in Germany

Posted by Christopher Hall on May 31, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Emily Dean recently competed in the 10m Air Rifle Women event at the 2013 ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup Stage 3 in Munich, Germany. The event took place at the 1972 Olympic Shooting Range from the 24th to the 29th of May, and saw the participation of over 700 athletes and 400 officials from around the world, for a total number of over 1200 participants in the ten Olympic events of Rifle and Pistol Shooting. Emily did extremely well for her first ever World Cup match, placing 123rd with a score of 392 against the top shooters in the world, such as the reigning Olympic gold medalist Yi Siling from China and the current European Champion Lisa Ungerank from Austria. It takes a lot of talent and hard work to get to the World Cup level and we are proud of Emily's accomplishment.

SCSC Shooters Have Busy Victoria Day Weekend

Posted by Christopher Hall on May 20, 2013 at 1:20 PM

Victoria Day Weekend 2013 was a busy one for many SCSC members. The Youth Airgunners made their usual strong showing at two events and some of the adults got some trigger time as well. On Saturday, May 18, the club held a Cowboy Action Shooting Demo/Workshop at the Basswood Ridge Range. The workshop was run by Steven Stewart from the Fredericton Recreational Shooting Association and was an old-west cowboy- themed target shooting event using modern manufactured but period-style pistols, rifles and shotguns. There was a small, but interested turnout at the SCSC Dead-Fly Corral and Im sure the local rustlers and hornswogglers had better beware of this ornery bunch of varmints:




Also on Saturday, some of the Youth shooters went to Woodstock and competed in a .22 rimfire match. Showing their customary accuracy, they took home some medals in the Junior category, with Emily Dean placing 1st, Sarah Henry placing 2nd and James Boyd placing 3rd. Sarah also placed 1st in the Under 14 category. Well done, ladies and gent!



Saturday also saw Matt McKinley and myself competing in an IPSC Level 1 match in Hampton. Matt placed 2nd in Standard division and I finished 5th in Production. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I have no photos of that match.


On Sunday, the Youth Airgun section held a match at our home airgun range, with some young shooters from Nova Scotia coming over to participate. Again, the SCSC shooters held control, with Emily Dean taking 1st and Delayne Donahue taking 2nd in Womens Rifle, James Boyd taking 2nd in Men's Rifle, Scott Ring taking 1st and Curtis Snow taking 3rd in Men's Pistol, Janelle Snow taking 1st and Sarah Henry taking 2nd in Women's Junior Rifle and Rachael Mundie taking 1st in Women's Novice Rifle. Those kids gonna need a truck for all the hardware. Well done!



More photos of the weekend's action can be found here.

Basswood Ridge Range Snow Removal Request For Proposals

Posted by Christopher Hall on May 2, 2013 at 9:25 AM

The St. Croix Sportsman Club Inc. is accepting proposals for snow removal for the 2013/2014 winter season. The intent is to clear snow when 3 inches or more has fallen and to keep the Basswood Ridge Range accessible. This does not include the occasions when heavier snow removal equipment may be necessary. All proposals from members and non-members for hourly, and/or per plowing and/or season rates will be considered.




SCSC Youth Airgunners Win Medals in Nova Scotia

Posted by Christopher Hall on May 1, 2013 at 9:30 AM

The 2013 Nova Scotia Airgun Provincial Championships were held on April 27-28 in Enfield, NS and shooters from the SCSC Youth Airgun Program came home with a handful of medals. It started early Saturday morning with equipment checks and the first of several relays then continued on Sunday. There were no finals this time; instead each shooter shot 2 relays and their scores were combined which gave them their standing. Each participant was put in a category according to their age and shooting ability. In the Women’s Junior Air Rifle category our ladies team made a very strong showing with Emily Dean winning gold for a 2nd year in a row. Delayne Donahue won silver, Brooke Terranova won bronze and Tonisha Noddin came in 5th. In the Women’s Novice Air Rifle Janelle Snow won gold and Sarah Henry won bronze. The men did well also. Scott Ring won gold in the Men’s Novice Air Pistol category, also placing 2nd overall. The Men’s Air Pistol division saw another NB shooter, Mark Hynes, taking the gold. The only NB Men's Air Rifle shooter, James Boyd, won bronze. The weekend ended with the awards ceremony where New Brunswick walked off again with most of the medals, ending the 2-day event on a high note for all the shooters who attended. Congratulations SCSC Airgunners! Thanks also to Julie for sending me the details and photos.


Top Air-Pistol Shooter Mark Hynes Gives Clinic At SCSC

Posted by Christopher Hall on April 13, 2013 at 10:40 AM

On April 10, 2013, top air-pistol shooter Mark Hynes gave a clinic at the St. Croix Sportsman Club's Youth Airgun facility. Stationed in Gagetown, NB, Hynes has travelled the world since the late 1980s competing in internationally-ranked competitions such as the 1991 Canada Games, being Top Junior at the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix in 1995 and placing third in Men's Air Pistol in the most recent Canadian Grand Prix. Hynes was impressed with the SCSC facility at the Boys and Girls Club building. Some of the wisdom he shared with the club members was that "dealing with adversity in training will help you when you go to a competition." When Hynes trains, he puts on a talk radio station and tries to tune out the sound when he's shooting. Its paid off, he said, because matches are full of distractions and being able to deal with them effectively is part of being successful. One of his key messages also has to do with the tendency for some shooters to focus too much on their score. While every shooter is aiming for a good score, Hynes says that the score doesn't tell you the whole story. "The score will take care of itself. Technique is what you need to focus on." As part of that philosophy, Hines also demonstrated his computerized SCATT target training system, an infrared data collection system that helps a shooter analyze their technique while training. Brian Mumford, a reporter for the St. Croix Courier was at the clinic and wrote an excellent article about Mark and the clinic that appeared in the April 12, 2013 issue of the Courier Weekend. The SCSC would like to thank Brian for his and the papers support.

Emily Dean Sponsored By The Gun Dealer

Posted by Christopher Hall on March 8, 2013 at 1:05 PM

I just saw this on The Gun Dealer's Facebook page:

"Sponsored by The Gun Dealer, Emily Dean on Team Canada went to the Australian Youth Olympic Festival 2013 and placed 11th! This 15 year old girl in 10th grade at Saint Stephen High has a wicked shot and we are proud of her!"

And so are we! I dont know how long shes been sponsored or if this is just recent news, but I just had to post it here. I shop a lot at The Gun Dealer, as do a lot of our members. They are sort of our "neighbourhood" gun store, if you will and Ross Faulkner, the owner of the store, has supported the shooting and firearms community in New Brunswick for many, many years. The recent trend is now to shop online, but we cannot underestimate the value and yes, need, of a brick and mortar store that someone like Ross provides. He is very vocal and active in firearms issues and has lobbied municipal, provincial and federal levels of governments as well as making numerous appearances in the media on behalf of us and our sport. We should support him as well. And its fun going into the store and being able to see and handle the huge selection of fantastic equipment! You cant do that online. And by the way, my understanding is that if you are a member of a gun club, like say, OUR club, you will get a discount when you purchase from Ross. Just something to think about.

Hello Folks!

Posted by Christopher Hall on February 28, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Its been a while since the last update to the site, and I apologize for that. As the new Webmaster for the club, I will do my best to keep you up to date on the latest news and events. If you are a club member and have any info, news, match results or anything else you would like to share, you can Contact Us.

Youth Airgun Update

Posted by Christopher Hall on February 28, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Some of the biggest news is the move to the new range facility housed in the new Boys and Girls Club building. Warm, dry and well-lit, this range is now arguably the best indoor airgun range in the Maritimes.

Youth shooting is in full operation and big things are happening. Emily Dean placed 11th in her category at the Australian Youth Olympics match with Team Canada near the end of January. She has also been selected for ISSF World Cup matches in Korea and Germany. As of now her plans are to participate in the Germany match.

Emily, Delayne Donahue, James Boyd and Scott Ring competed in the Toronto Grand Prix on Feb. 16-17. In air pistol, Scott took the silver medal in the sub-junior class. In air rifle: Emily took bronze in the expert class with a score of 94.6 while Delayne took gold in the sub-junior class with a score of 94.1. James took bronze in the expert class. Finally, Emily & Delayne took silver in the teams class (as Don’s Dynamic Duo). Unfortunately, Emily & Delayne just missed out on the finals placing 9th and 10th in ladies air rifle overall, as only the top 8 shooters enter a finals competition.

Delayne, James and Kloe also recently competed in a match in Woodstock. Delayne placed first in Womens Rifle, Kloe placed third in Womens Rifle and James placed first in Mens Rifle.

Congratulations to all.

Results North Atlantic Airgun challenge

Posted by Christopher Hall on October 15, 2011 at 5:00 PM

On October 8th and 9th, shooters from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland joined the New Brunswick group at Oak Bay New Brunswick. Twenty five shooters in all competed at different levels for medals. After the first day of shooting there was an exciting 3 way tie between Ashley K of New Brunswick, Megan H of Newfoundland and also Samantha M of Newfoundland. The match ended with Ashley first, Samantha second and Megan third in the senior class.

St. Stephen had 3 ladies in the medals for the class below 90 average.Emily D came first with Amanda S winning the silver and Katelyn M getting bronze. In ladies pistol 2 gold medal winners were Emma M from Newfoundland and Kate T from Sackville N.B. In mens pistol Steve S won gold for N.B. while Rene D was awarded silver for NFLD. Mat B won a gold for the class below 90 average for N.B. There was a class for below 80 average in men's pistol and David K won gold for N.B. with Liam D receiving silver for N.S. In mens rifle for the senior class Dave W from Newfoundland was the top shooter and had high score overall. James B of N.B. was the gold winner in the class below 90 and he was followed by Caleb P of N.S. for silver and Reagan M of N.S. took the bronze. In rifle below 80 average the gold award went to Scott R. N.B.and silver was awarded to Will L. from N.S.

Also in the photo is Al R., match official and Don B., match coordinator.

Here is more photos from the match.

New Website!

Posted by Ryan Bynoe on September 13, 2011 at 7:55 PM

Hi all!

Welcome to the new home of the SCSC!
Stay tuned for more news and updates!!